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Save Your Energy

Image source. (Spoiler alert.)


It's come to my attention that a file display error has made all of my uploaded PDFs inaccessible. As you can imagine I'm smashing my head against the wall about this, but I've fixed it and all files should be visible now. I hope you'll take this holiday weekend to explore some of the puzzles you may have missed the first time!

Another policy-related puzzle this week, specifically about a rather controversial topic in climate change discussions. Opinions differ on the issue, but hopefully this puzzle will satisfy people on all sides.

Good news: we're back to the online version for those who don't have printers/PDF readers.

Also-- does anyone know how to access the CBC documentary "Across and Down" in the US? I keep getting geoblocked every time I try.


Download PDF • 155KB

Answer key:

Download PDF • 173KB


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