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Words on Fire: announcement and preview puzzle

Image source: me (and Canva)

Hi everyone!! It's been a long time, and of course part of that is because it's summer, but it's also because I've been working on something...

That something is a small-ish puzzle pack called Words on Fire. Like your favorite charity packs (TPFA, Grids for Kids, etc), Words on Fire is available after providing proof of donation (in this case, to the March to End Fossil Fuels). However, unlike other charity packs, Words on Fire contains only puzzles by me. Not because I'm a narcissist-- I'm just a bit afraid of the logistics involved in coordinating and editing submissions. Maybe some other time.

Why this cause, why now, you ask? Despite the very vocal and unfortunately rich minority, most of the world agrees that we need to stop burning fossil fuels if we want a livable future for everyone. We need to make our voices heard at the highest levels if we want politicians to understand the urgency of the situation– this is about more than just oil barons donating to Congress campaigns. This is about the long-term survival of humanity. If I sound like an annoying PAC email, that’s because I am a large AI language model– just kidding. I know all this stuff is cliche, but what else is there to say? We have to keep saying this stuff until people listen.

The March to End Fossil Fuels ( is taking place in September in New York City, and it's designed to be at the same place and time as the UN Climate Ambition Summit. The more people who show up, the better, and to get people to show up, the march organizers need money. Ergo this charity pack. There's no minimum donation, just contact me (ecorbin567 [at] gmail [dot] com or @cruciverbology on twitter) with proof that you donated and you will be sent the Google Drive folder with the puzzles! (Full disclosure: I have not yet made all the new puzzles. This preview puzzle is kind of a reverse down payment to prove that there will in fact be puzzles on the other end of this deal. But it might be a couple weeks before the whole pack is ready to go.)

Words on Fire will consist of 4 brand-new puzzles, plus 2 climate-themed puzzles from the Cruciverbology archive! The old ones will be updated with new fill and clues for 2023.

The preview puzzle is one of the archive-updated puzzles. About 80% of the fill is new, and about 90% of the clues.

Happy solving!


Download PDF • 97KB

Answer key:

Download PDF • 27KB


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