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The other hole thing

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

Image source. (Spoiler alert, but then again, the image itself is kind of a spoiler.)

Lots of announcements today!

1. Cruciverbology is now on Twitter.

2. I updated the "about" section a bit with a small list of science-themed puzzles I've recently come across and liked. Please let me know if there's one I should try and/or include!

3. (Last time I mention this, I promise) I made my NYT debut on February 2nd! It may or may not have a science theme, so go do it if you haven't already. They also published a short interview with me, featuring a very old picture :)

4. A week ago I competed in my very first Boswords Winter Wondersolve! There are a lot of ranking metrics but suffice it to say I was somewhere in the middle. I'll have to practice quite a bit more for the ACPT in March!

Anyway, onto the puzzle.

(Spoilers ahead for my NYT puzzle as well.)

I had a lot going on this week, both inside and outside the crossworld, so enjoy this small 7x. You can think of it as my tribute to all the NYT solvers who were disappointed all of the missing letters weren't in black squares. Dark matter isn't called "dark matter" because it's dark in color, it's called "dark matter" because it's undetectable. So here you go, skeptics, a puzzle with missing letters in black squares.


Download PDF • 84KB

Answer key:

Download PDF • 7KB


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