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Polar Plunge

Image source. (Not a spoiler.)

Happy weekend-after-Pi-Day, everyone! Hope you all are recovering from a week of (no doubt) partying hard in celebration of our favorite irrational number.

For this week, I'm extending the party another day with a pi-themed puzzle! I don't know why I keep doing this to myself, but this one is another non-AmuseLabs-compatible grid, so it's PDF only.

In other news...

I'm chopping my way through the Boswords spring themeless league! It's certainly an assault on the solving ego, but I know I'm competing against the best in the world. (Or, the best in the world who didn't want to compete in the Stormy division.)

New recommendation alert! Malaika Handa's March 2 NYT debut was a great puzzle with a STEM theme (in more ways than one...) (wordplay column)

Doing this puzzle reminded me that I'm subscribed to Malaika's google group, Girlbosswords, and I found a couple more STEM puzzles in the google group archives. Coincidentally, both are collaborations with Brooke Husic.

I saw the title "Multidimensional" and was very excited for some sort of three-dimensional fill, but it turned out to be more of a standard wordplay-type thing. The grid was cool, though-- I was impressed when I realized it wasn't in fact symmetrical, even though it looked like it was.

Then I tried to do "Geometry Final", but my printer didn't cooperate and I ended up with a tiny version of half the puzzle at the top of the page. I'll have to get to that one later.

Finally, I will be at ACPT in two weeks-- maybe I'll put a puzzle up that weekend, maybe I won't, I'll have to see. Very much looking forward to it :))


Download PDF • 2.31MB

Answer key:

Download PDF • 668KB

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