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I'm Doing It Again (and again and again) Baby!

Updated: Jun 13

I'm back from another long semester (and summer course) with another blog puzzle! Apparently since I last published on here, Wix has begun offering AI suggestions for posts. They're all stuff like "Tech: The Cruciverbological Angle." Apparently their AI doesn't know that I made that word up.

For non-CS people, this puzzle is about recursion (correctly working recursion, not whatever is happening in the image I found). Here is a good explanation.

One more thing: I have an outlet debut coming up on 6/19 that I'm excited about, so make sure to check DCL that day!!


Download PDF • 102KB

Answer key:

Download PDF • 30KB

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jún. 12.

SUPER fun! I've never done a puzzle that direction before.

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