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How did it end up like this???

Updated: May 3

Image source, obviously not even tangentially related to the theme

I honestly don't know how I managed to produce a puzzle this week, but here it is!! I don't often say this, but I'm proud of the fill on this one. There are some ehhh spots (looking at you, bottom center downs) but I covered the bases in terms of cultural references, from 2023 to *checks notes* 1777? Ok, maybe that one isn't so great...

Anyway, if you want a challenge today, this puzzle might be a fun diagramless solve! A diagramless version is included in the PDFs below.


Download PDF • 179KB

Download PDF • 193KB

Answer key:

Download PDF • 31KB


(posting a link instead of embedding so as not to spoil the grid for diagramless solvers)

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