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False Outcomes

I replaced my very old Mac with a PC recently, and so far Bing has very much lived up to the memes. I typed the theme of today's puzzle into Bing Search, looking for my usual blog image, and this cursed pregnancy example was one of the first results I got. Naturally, I had to use it. I'm 100% a Bing convert.

(I mean to be fair, the lady on the right looks more like she has a watermelon under her shirt than like she's pregnant. Maybe the test was accurate after all.)

Anyway... I'm back with a rare midweek post after a couple months of submitting puzzles and coming up with more ideas for later on. This one was a recent reject (we love the new impersonal NYT feedback), but I'm really proud of it, so it's all yours!


Download PDF • 163KB


Download PDF • 29KB


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