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Entangled v.2.0

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Image source. (Spoiler alert.)

Happy fall, everyone! Between creating Words on Fire and embarking on a few other crossword adventures (guess who made and submitted her first themeless grid??), it's been a while since I put an actual puzzle up on the blog. I hope to resume the every-few-weeks norm this year, but full disclosure, my time is now split between this and weekly midis for my university newspaper.

It's also (roughly) Cruciverbology's first birthday! To celebrate, I redid one of the first puzzles I published on this blog-- now with fresh fill and clues, plus some updates to the original themeset. If you weren't around back in 2022, have fun solving this puzzle for the first time! If you were, um... feign surprise when you figure out the revealer.

After this, I promise that's it for the redos. Fresh themes loading in coming weeks :)


Download PDF • 101KB

Answer key:

Download PDF • 27KB

Online (UPDATE 10/8/23: AmuseLabs now supports this puzzle's gimmick :0)

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